Basic Concepts & Features of Object Oriented Programming

Features of Object Oriented Programming

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is a programming model which is based on objects and classes. In Procedural programming programmer focus on tasks instead of objects but in OOP programmer focus is more on objects rather than tasks. In this article we are going look at some of the Basic Concepts and Features of Object Oriented Programming.

Basic OOP concepts with Real Life Examples:

Before going further let me  describe what is the difference b/w Object Oriented approach and Task Oriented approach.

In object oriented approach we are concerned with the object who is doing the work whereas in task oriented approach we are concerned with what is being done.

To understand the difference b/w task oriented and object oriented let considered a scenario.

Suppose you watched a movie and one of your friend asked you tell to him the story of the movie. Now you have two options to describe the whole story of the movie. The first way is that you will tell him the complete story of the movie scene by scene. The other option would be that you will give him a brief summary about what happened in the movie.

Now think any movie and consider the whole scenario as described above. You will find that the second option to describe the story of a will be better than telling the whole story scene by scene as telling him the summary of movie will take less time and your friend understand better. Basically, what is happening here is that when you are telling movie story scene by scene means you are telling every act happened in the movie. So we can say that you are focusing on movie story, In other words you are focusing on what is happening in the movie(task oriented approach).On the other hand when you are describing whole movie story as a summary , you  will see that your focus will shift to the characters of the movie. This is the Object Oriented approach.

Naturally, human has a object oriented approach means he focus on objects rather than tasks. Consider doing the whole scenario describe above with your friend to understand better.

Features of Object Oriented Programming:

Now let’s look at the features of OOP one by one.

1- Object:

It is the one of the most important and main feature of OOP ,without objects OOP is nothing. Any real world objects you see in your daily life will have some attributes and methods .Let say, a car has some attributes (properties) , like it has wheels, doors, engine etc. These all are the attributes of the car. Similarly car do different tasks like we can apply brakes, increase speed of its etc. These all are the methods of car. Similarly in OOP, we say that a object consists of well define attributes and methods.

2- Class:

As said above objects have attributes and methods, but where to keep these methods and attributes of objects? The answer is class is the place where we keep object related methods and attributes.

Ok so we created class for object so it means we have to create class for every object? No, this is not the right approach. Basically if there are multiple objects with same methods and attributes then they will have a same class. So we will have to create only one class for multiple objects whose attributes and methods are same. But if there are different objects whose attributes and methods are complexly different then clearly we will create separate class for that.

3- Polymorphism:

Poly means many and morphism means many forms so after combining these two words it becomes many forms. In OOP, there are many situations occurred when you want to use same thing but in different form.

Suppose you create a function named sum which will add two numbers. Now , you want to use this same function but instead of adding two numbers you want to add three numbers so what to do? The answer is that you will use that same function but now it will add three number instead of two.This is the kind of overloading which is the part of Polymorphism.

Polymorphosim consist of two main concepts which Overloading and Overriding. Overloading means doing same work but in different forms using the same object where as overriding means doing same work in different form using different objects. You will learn these concepts better when you will go deep in Polymorphosim.

4- Abstraction:

In simple words,Abstraction means focusing on information rather than implementation. It is the process of hiding the implementation of certain function.The user only know what what the object do
instead of how it it being done.

Suppose a real life example that to turn on an Air Conditioner, you only press the on button .You only know how to turn on A.C using button  .You don’t how it is turned on .In other words you don’t know its functionality.

5- Encapsulation:

As a capsule protect the medicine inside it from outside world. Similarly we use the concept of Encapsulation to protect our data from outside the world.It is done by restricting our data by using different ace specifiers which describes who can access the data.


One of the most important thing  in Features of Object Oriented Programming is that they all represent real wold behavior and because of this Object Oriented Programming is so organized and secure which makes it better than procedural programming.

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Top 20+ Interesting Bill Gates Facts Which You Want to Know

Most of us already know about the IT giant Bill gates but there is still a chance that many of us are still not aware about some of the Interesting bill gates facts which made him the world richest person in the world. Keeping in mind this scenario, In this article I am going to share some of the Bill Gates Facts which you don’t know.

Interesting Bill Gates Facts:

1- Bill gates wrote his first computer program (a Tic Toe game) at the age of 13. 

2- Bill gates , at his school time was used to say his mates and teachers that he would be the millionaire at the age of 30.He becomes millionaire at the age of 31.So we can say he was the man with his words!

3- He is the richest person of world right now with a net worth of $88 billion. 

4- He is the only person in the world who remains richest person in the world for 14 consecutive years (1995 to 2009). 

5- At his high school time, he wrote a scheduling program for his class in which he preloaded himself
with girls only with no boys! 

6- If Bill Gates was a country, it would be the 37th richest country on the earth ! 

7- Bill gates net worth from 2011 to 2016 has shown rapid growth.Bill gates his wealth is increasing year by year 

2016-$88 Billion 

2015-$79 Billion

2014-$76 billion 

2013-$67 billion 

2012-$61 Billion 

2011-$56 Billion 

8- Bill gates was a college dropped out. Before two years of graduation, He left Harvard University in 1975 to found his Billion dollar company “Microsoft” with Paul Allen. 

9- Gates SAT score was 1590 out of 1600 which was a great achievement at that time .SAT is a general verbal and quantities test taken by many US universities to get admission in undergraduate programs. 

10- At the time of his wedding, He wanted to keep the media out. He rented all 250 rooms of Manele Bay Hotel to insure his and his wife piracy from media. He also rented all the helicopters near to Hawaiian island of Lanai to keep photographers away from flying over. 

11- Although Gate was a passionate programmer but he was enrolled as a law student in Harvard on the wish of his father. 

12- Bill gates was awarded an Honorable Doctorate (PhD) degree by Harvard University in 2007. 

13- Neither bill gates nor his company created MS Dos(First OS of Microsodt Company) from scratch.Instead they bought the full license of 86-DOS from Seattle Computer Products and after some tweaking they renamed its name as MS Dos. 

14- In 1977, Bill Gates was arrested for not stopping at the traffic signal. 

15- Bill gates and his wife owned the world largest private foundation named “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation “.Bill Gates has donated over $30 Billion for his foundation. 

16- As said by Bill gates, his children’s including two daughters and a son will only inherit $10 Million each from his total net worth. The remaining one will goes to his foundation. 

17- In 2014, Gates announced to leave the post of chairman and decided to take a new role as technical Advisor of Microsoft to devote much of his time for his “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation “.

18- It took him seven year to build his Mansion Xanadu 2.0 at Lake Washington with a total cost of around $63.2 million. 

19- Xanadu 2.0 is massively filled with high tech gadgets.The guest house of Bill gates house contain high tech sensors that automatically adjust room lighting,temperature,musics based on the guest preferences. 

20- Gates pay around $1 million tax of his property every year. 

21- Gates and his wife through Grand Challenges in Global Health Program offering a $100,000 reward to those who will invent a Next Generation condom which should enhances pleasure, in order to improve uptake and regular use !

22- Bill gates has saved more than five millions lives by bringing vaccines and health care programs. 

23- Bill gates purchased a book of famous writer(Leonardo da Vinci)  for a huge amount of $30 millions dollar and made it public for free on windows vista. 

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Why Prisma is So Popular ?

After Pokeman Go, Prisma is another tending app for smart phones users nowadays. It has attracted million of users in a very short span of time. The reasons of Prisma popularity are many and in this article we are going to talk about some of the secrets to know Why Prisma is So Popular.

What is Prisma and How It Works:

Prisma is a photo editing app launched by a Russian Developer Alexey Moiseenkov in June 2016. Initially it was only available for IOS user then and later on In July it was made public for android users too. After its release it becomes the top smart phone app in Russia and its neighboring countries.

Prisma app transforms your photo digitally to some of the popular artist paintings(artworks) like Van Gogh's, Picaso and Many More. Unlike other photo editing apps like Instagram which only add a a new layer of filter to apply effect to Image, Prisma use the concept of artificial Intelligence and Neutral network through which it creates the artwork of an image from scratch instead of adding a new layer of filter to the original image.

The thing which makes Prisma unique is the use of Artificial Intelligence and Neutral Networks.In simple terms, AL and NN are the type of technologies which enables the machines to think and make decision as human do. In Prisma,these techniques are used to let machine identify original images and repaint them according to the selected artwork. This process is same like a painter who creates a painting from scratch.

Users can directly capture image from Prisma after selecting the artwork or they can choose any picture from their camera roll to turn the image into their favorite painting. The app provides up to 33 artwork filters and according to the founder more will be added in future.

During the process of artwork creation,Original image is also stored on the server of Prisma for a short span of time to improve the Prisma algorithm efficieny. The server of Prisma is located in Moscow,Russia.


The developers of Prisma are also working to expand the concept of art work to video and virtual reality. According to the Co-founder, the video version in under development but he is not ready yet to give details about the release date and its functions except a 360 degree Image on Facebook posted by CO-founder to provide a glimpse of how video art work will work in future.

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Latest SEO Trends and Their Benefits [2016]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a backbone of successful online business and promises you the maximum ROI. However, the SEO trends keep changing according to the Google requirements and one should follow the latest algorithms and SEO techniques to get the expected results. You can only get an optimal position in the search results when you modify SEO strategies and opt ethical ways devised by the Google. It helps to maintain the top position as well as enables you to cope with the massive shake-ups in the search results. The article will discuss the latest SEO trends which are capable of giving you outstanding results in 2016. 

Accelerated Mobile Pages:

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an initiative to improve the user experience and providing him an access to the informative data. It’s necessary for the developers to select streamline templates which take minimum time in loading and include the necessary coding elements. Avoid adding the unnecessary elements of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as they reduce the speed of the website and user turns to another website. 

App Indexing: 

Smartphones are quickly replacing laptops as they are capable of performing all the tasks which people used to do on laptops in past. You can easily send and receive emails, create cover letters, and reply to an urgent message from your cell phone without facing any trouble. App indexing and mobile friendliness are the two main factors which are dominant in 2016. Always add media quires and necessary JavaScript information on the website to improve your ranking. 

Social Media:

The increased impact of social media has encouraged Google to consider the likes and shares of people on social media. In 2016, the Google has decided to rank higher those websites which have embedded social media on their websites and it will significantly impact the ranking of the website. The purpose of adding social media is to judge the liking and disliking of people and their reviews on a specific content. 

Penguin Update:

Google has taken serious measures against publishers who use unethical ways to improve their ranking. Real Time Google Penguin 4 update will block the low-quality websites and unnatural links with the help of Google webmaster tool. It’s essential for the publishers to remove cramp links immediately if they want to ensure their presence on the search engine. 

Local SEO: 

Local SEO is another major update of Google which emphasizes the need of refined local search results and prioritizes to the websites having a contact number, address, and necessary information. Moreover, its smartphone support is essential for the websites to rank higher while the updated algorithm will notice the stay time of the user on the website as well. Get an opportunity from this update and include relevant keywords, images, and content. 

What’s no Changing?

Some SEO trends are still same and SEO experts are practicing them in 2016 as well. On-site optimization, quality content, and better speed will rule the year while authority building and the addition of smart keywords will also determine the position of the website of the search engine. 

Top 10 Youngest Bloggers of Pakistan [2016]

Top 10 Youngest Bloggers of Pakistan

Top 10 Youngest Pakistani Bloggers [2016]

In Pakistan, the term blogging is not new but doing it in right way with passion is not known to many. There are many peoples in Pakistan present today who turned their life as successful logger. The driving force which pushed them was “Passion ".

With the success of blogging many young talent also entered in this field. So Keeping in mind this scenario, I thought it would be right choice to write a list of " Top 10 Youngest Pakistani Bloggers Under the Age of 20" who are passionated about blogging.

So Here is the List of Top 10 Youngest Bloggers of Pakistan in 2016 :

1- Syed Faizan Ali

Syed Faizan Youngest Blogger of Pakistan

Syed Faizan Ali is a 20 year old successful teenage blogger from Pakistan. At the age of 16 he started his first blog named "" where he shares Blogging tips/tutorials/tricks, Blogger widgets etc. He also founded a blogger resource site "" where he provides professional blogger templates to blogger community. Apart from blogging he is also involved  in many motivational talks to aware students about entrepreneurship.

2- Ammar Ali:

Ammar Ali Youngest Blogger of Pakistan

Born in 1995 in Pakistan, 21 year old Ammar Ali from Islamabad Pakistan entered in this field when he was in high school.He created his first Professional blog "" in 2011.The primary focus of his blog is to help new bloggers to start their blog. In a very short of span of time his blog become famous around the world. Apart from blogging, Ammar is a huge fan of Cricket.

3- Muhammad Ahmed:

Muhammad Ahmed Youngest Blogger of Pakistan

Only 15 years Old, Muhammad Ahmad is one of my favorite teenage blogger who has been working as a blogger since 2011.He started his blogging career in 2011 and kept using domain to create different blogs for almost 2 years.

In the end of 2013 or either in start of 2014, his brother gifted him a Domain Unfortunately, Blog domain registrar was hacked in the start of 2015 and thus he lost his domain.

Despite of a big loss, he didn’t  lose his hope and  founded "" to share tips related to SEO,Blogging,Fiverr,Social Media etc.

In the start of 2016 ,He stared his personal blog "" where he mostly shares his case studies and tips related to Affiliate Marketing.

4- Muhammad Abid:

Muhammad Abid Youngest Bloggers of Pakistan

Muhammad Abid is a  19 Years old Another pasionate blogger from Karachi, Pakistan. He created his first blog back in 2013 and started blogging in the same year.

Currently he is active on his blog "" which was founded by him  On 23rd March 2016. The  blog  mostly focuses on tutorials for Wordpress, Blogger, Web Designing and Development, SEO and Social Media Marketing. Apart from blogging  he also offers services to his clients all around the world.

5- Muhammad Abdullah:

Muhammad Abdullah Youngest Blogger of Pakistan

Muhammad Abdullah is a 19 year old techy blogger from Lahore, Pakistan.He started his blogging career at the age of 17 by creating blogs on blogger platform. Currently he blogs on "" where he writes articles related to Technology,Internet,Computer,IOS,Andriod,Windows.

6- Abdul Samad Essani:

Abdul Samad Essani Youngest Blogger of Pakistan

Another excellent young blogger, Abdul Samad Essani is in this field from the age of 12.

In 2013, He with the help of his friend registered a domain but due to some unknown reason,domain was sold by him. After 3 Years in 2016, fortunately he found that the domain was expired as it was not used by the one who purchased it. He quickly grabbed this opportunity and registered "" again. Now on this blog,he shares all the stuff related to Blogging,SEO, Make Money etc.

Meanwhile b/w 2013 and 2016,He also created another blog but after ranking it well in search engine,he sold it.

7- Zohaib Liaquat:

Zohaib Liaquat Youngest Blogger of Pakistan

Zohaib Liaquat, A 18 year Old Blogger and Freelancer founded "" 3 years ago to help bloggers by writing articles, guides, and sharing/developing blogger widgets. According to him,due to busy schedule he is not active in his blog but soon He will start updating it again.He is also planning to start working on another blog that is "".

Special Appearance:

Beside of the above bloggers listed,I found some others bloggers who are still young but the age is little bit higher than 20.So,I thought it would be better to mention them as a Special Appearance.

8- Hassam Ahmed Awan:

Hassam Ahmed Youngest Blogger of Pakistan

Hassam Ahmed Awan, a 20 year old Computer Science graduate from Islamabad,Pakistan who founded "" 4 years back..He is one of the blogger who is mostly active on social media to help newbies.

He is also a body builder and fitness freek and to share his tips related to body building he blogs on ""

Apart from blogging,He is also an active Vlogger on his YouTube channel where he mostly shares videos related to Blogging,Entrepreneurship,Motivation.

9- Nasir Piya:

Nasir Piya Youngest Blogger of Pakistan

23 year old, Nasir Piya from Punjab,Pakistan is the Founder of "" where he shares free guide and resources related to Blogging, Programming, Makemoney and many He started his career by creating his first blog on Blogger platform. later on he moved to Wordpress in 2015.

10- Malik Sharjeel Tahir:

Malik Sharjeel Tahir Youngest Blogger of Pakistan

Malik Sharjeel started his blogging career in 2014 and thus on 1st November 2014 his blog ""  was live.The main focus of his blog is to Give the best information related to Health, Medical side effects,Diseases etc.


So that was the list of "Top 10 Youngest Bloggers of Pakistan" who changed their life from blogging because of their passion.After a deep research,I have tried my best to compile this list but since Pakistan is full of young talent ,so it is possible that many of them  may have missed.

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Chrome Eats Almost 70% More Battery then Edge Browser

Chrome Eats Almost 70% More Battery then Edge Browser

To browse the internet, we always use a browser.Using Internet browser we can check email online, we can shop on the web, we can learn, earn from the internet etc. But do you know Internet browsers plays a significant role in decreasing battery life?

Keeping in mind this scenario, Microsoft, a World leading Company On Monday 20 June 2016, conducted a series of test to compare which browser last long on a laptop and dramatically it was prove that Microsoft Browser "Edge" lasts 70% longer on laptop then the famous Google Chrome browser.

Microsoft conducted two tests. In the first test, they ran Chrome, Opera, Edge, Firefox on the Surface Book(A two in one PC, that contains combined features of tablet and laptop).They automate a series of task like opening websites, reading articles, scrolling articles, watching videos. For all of this purpose, they used the popular sites like Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc. The test dramatically showed that the Surface Book using Edge browser was the last to long, It showed 36% to 53% increase in battery life.

In the second test, they conducted a video test in which they ran Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Safari on four different Surface Book respectively. They streamed same HD videos on each device.According to the result, Battery power consumption on Surface Book running Edge was almost 70% less than other browsers.Surface Book Running Edge browser ran for 7 hours 22 Minutes and 7 seconds while Surface Book running Chrome ran for only 4 hours 19 Minute and 50 seconds. From that result, It is cleared that Edge browser won by increasing battery life.

1- Chrome: 4:19:50
2- Firefox: 5:09:30
3-Opera: 6:18:33
4-Microsoft Edge: 7:22:07

Here is the Experiment Video:

From this experiment, It is clear that Microsoft is looking to win the browser race.More ever the company has announced to make it browser more battery efficient on the Window 10 Anniversary which will be on this summer. However, besides of all this effort, Edge still is very limited lacks in many important browser features as compared to chrome and other famous browsers.In addition to that, it is not available for Andriod or IOS users.

How to Hide File/Folder Using CMD Attrib Command

How to Hide File/Folder Using CMD Attrib Command

As a computer user, many time you encountered a situation to hide a file/folder from your PC/Laptop. The very common method to hide any file/folder from a PC is by changing the attribute of the file to hidden. The issue with this method is that, If anyone goes to folder option and then select the option "Show Hidden files and Folder", then all the files which have the hidden attribute will be shown to him. To solve that issue, we can use the Attrib command in CMD (Command Prompt) through which any file or folder can be hidden and no one will be able to make that file appear except the one who is hiding it.

But before going on further, Let me give you very basic definition of CMD (Command Prompt) .CMD is feature in windows operating system through which we can perform our task by typing command instead of using Graphical Interface. So Instead of opening a folder by double clicking it, we can open that folder by typing command in CMD. Similarly, a folder or file can be hidden through CMD by typing a single command which is called "Attrib Command".

Below are the Steps through which you can hide any file/folder by using CMD (Command Prompt).

Steps to Hide File/Folder Using CMD:

1-Navigate to the drive, which contain the folder/file to be hidden.
(In my case it is D drive)

3-Now If the folder/file which has to be hidden is directly in that drive then just note down the folder/file name you want to hide

4-But If the folder/file is in any folder/sub folder then go that folder, note down the file/folder name which you want to hide and copy the Address from the Address Bar.

(In my case my file which is to be hidden is a video named “1” and it is in the folder “Extra Stuff”).

5-Go to Start Menu and In Search bar type "CMD" .

6- Now If the folder/file which has to be hidden is directly in that drive then type the drive name which contains the folder/file to be hidden and then type colon.
Like D:

7-Hit Enter and then type Attrib +s +h file/folder name (Replace File/folder name with your file/folder name, Remember to hide a file,you should also have to specify its extension.)

8- If the folder/file is in any folder/sub folder of the drive, then write Attrib and after that put double commas ( “ ) and inside that double commas paste the address you have copied recently like :
Attrib +s +h “address\filename.extension

In my case address is “D:\Extra Stuff” and my filename with extension is “1.mp4” so my CMD command will be "Attrib +s +h “D:\Extra Stuff\1.mp4”. After doing this process hit enter.

8-Congo ! Your file has been hidden

9-To make file visible, again go to CMD and type Atrrib but this time instead of plus symbol use Dash Symobol (-) e.g Attrib -s -h Path/filename.

10-Your file is now visible

So this was a very easy method to hide a folder or a file by using Attrib Command in CMD.If there still some problem then feel free to comment, I will try to answer the question regarding this for sure! 

And finally give me one favor. I have done so much hard work to write this article so you have to share this article with your friends, family etc to spread the knowledge.