Ways to buy Ripple

Ripple recently made a huge run, as it had earned lots of fame. With people’s fame, and sudden rise in the popularity of Ripple also gave us a sudden increase in its worth. Ripple is also called the XRP Coin. It is traded throughout many different exchanges. In one of the top traded coin at the moment. Ripple is also used upgrade our current wire transfer system with a swift code. All that is very antique and old consumes a lot of time and expensive. With Ripple you can move the money around from one bank to the other or do a wire transfer for one country to the other in a much faster way. It is not just fast but also much cheaper. For every time you use the Ripple, some of it goes away but a small amount (does it go to the minor?), it does not. It doesn’t go to the minor unlike the other cryptocurrencies. That small amount goes away forever. Most of those coins are actually controlled by Ripple Company, so it’s a centralized coin unlike Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Ripple is not decentralized.

Ripple is closer to the Bitcoin as the next best Cryptocurrency available. But it differs from Bitcoin in many other ways. There are two positives about the Ripple over Bitcoin. Ripple is quick and cheaper, also it is free of mining. Which sounds rare but is what gives an advantage over bitcoin

 What are the ways to Buy Ripple?

For basics, every cryptocurrency is different from the others. So does Ripple, and being backed by the major banks is what makes It stand apart. This lead Ripple in having allies that boosted it’s transactional protocol (XRP) making it one among the top cryptocurrencies by market share in the ongoing year.
In your pursuit to owning yourself some XRP, you should be aware of the basics. Like where to go? And what you be required to do in order to buy Ripple.
In this post we will be giving you the details, able enough to helping you in your errand of earning the XRP. Follow these and you will have your own XRPs.


·         Exchange
·         Direct Trade
·         Other Currencies


You might find different ways to store your cryptocurrency on, but the easiest methods               of buying & selling your digital currency. Whatever you choose, make your decision under the consideration of the fact, that where you store your crypto has insurance in case of theft or hack occurring.
Many exchanges, function differently from one another. Though most of them will require the similar initial steps from you. They’d require from you to sign up, and make sure the account is verified.
Exchange dashboard will take care of linking your bank account or any other payment method. After that your next step should be to make a new buy order. Which involves putting the amount of XRP you want to use, or the USDs you want to spend.

Direct Trade:

In case you are one of those who don’t want their currency be stored on an exchange or just find the need to have more control over the price, then Direct Trade is what you should go for. Cointal is the only site that is established for currency trading for the XRP. Cointal support various methods for payments incorporating Paypal, bank transfers, credit cards or debit cards. Using direct trade, isn’t much of a bother, nor any rocket sciences to imply. Go to the homepage, input XRP or the USDs you are willing to spend and search the offers.
Direct trades involve little more of an interest as compared with the exchange trades. But looking at the bright side, you won’t rely on any website that functions on its own

Other Currencies:

The methods we discussed above are involved using the money in your wallet. Not the digital currency involved in trading. But in case you own Bitcoin, Ether or any other cryptocurrency, there are several asset exchange                 websites. There are services such as ShapeShift and Changelly are hit among the people.


Ripple is regarded as possibly the best cryptocurrency in 2018 after the Bitcoin. Which lead to its increase in global worth, and people are charmed by its quick processing transfers.

Google's hidden treasure [Google Art Project]

Google's hidden treasure [Google Art Project]

Let me guess...Like everybody else, you also have a passion for something and that is arts and culture? but don't have enough time or money to travel around the world to visit and see what a beauty it is either natural or made by humans.
Every now and then comes a time where people adore artistic and cultural things but their affection towards it faint over the period of time as they don't experience the events.
In this busy world, not everyone can travel to museums around the globe to see the beautiful art, designs, and craftsmanship. So Google just as before didn't disappoint us and helped by bringing those astonishing crafts within our fingertips as they launched Google Art Project. The main purpose of Google Art Project was to bring the artworks at the museums all over the world within everyone's reach.

What is Google Art Project?

Launched in the year of 2011 on February 01, the basic incentive for this project was to enable users to view artworks collected from different museums in different cities across the globe, to virtually tour the museums from the user itself.

Portraits, images or contextual information can be virtually visited with the help of this product allowing a user to view his/her favorite art-piece and compile them into their own collection.
Google recently collaborated with 151 art museums and galleries to publish the work by many artists. With tens of thousands of artworks residing on this platform. Google allows a museum or an art gallery to select one artwork which will be captured in ultra-high resolution, a gigapixel image containing a large number of pixels as compared to average digital camera

Technology Used:

To bring this project to us Google used multiple technologies mainly involved street view and Picasa. An indoor version of street view was created by Google the camera which was placed on a trolley could be moved around rather than a camera placed on top of a car.
Panoramic heads CLAUSS RODEON VR Head HD and CLAUSS VR Head ST made it possible to capture a highly dense Pixeled image for perfect viewing of the portraits.


The features provided by this platform are to make sure that the user's experience isn't compromised and enjoyed to the fullest. Features listed below are from both website and application of Google Art Project available at Google play store.

Zoom In and Out: To experience every detail within a user's angle, a user can zoom in and zoom out within any particular picture he may like.

Virtual Reality (VR): If experiencing this product through a phone, VR can also be connected to the application for completely indulging a user at whatever he may look.

Explore by time and color: Explore artworks by filtering time and color

Virtual tours: The most stunning feature apart from some others, is this allowing you to visit the landmarks virtually.

Artists: Search results of different artists by artist name or time whichever you may like.

Daily Stories: Learn something new every time you open the application some new stories you may find interesting to be viewed.

Art Recognizer: This feature allows you to learn more about any artwork just by pointing your camera at towards it.

Collection:  Whichever artwork you may like just collect them and share with your friends. Make a collection of your own artworks.

Historical Events: Some of the most iconic events occurred in our world through time can be relived.

: By turning your location ON, you can find museums and cultural events around you.
Exhibits: Take guided tours organized by experts.

Notifications: Updates on the top arts & culture stories can be received just by subscribing.

Final words: Google Art Project is a product we've all been waiting for in our lives, because of the affection and curiousness every person feel whether related to past events, pictures, sculptures, or famous portraits that we are not able to visit and see with our bare eyes.
Allowing us to virtually visit the museums or spectate the guided tours organized by experts. A product that you can't hate and to the admirers of art, this is just the place for you.

Interesting Facts About Cryptocurrency

These days the hottest topic is regarding the cryptocurrency. BitCoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies are present now. Investing them is the investments of future. There are several articles coming out every day, people becoming rich, as the prices go higher. Cryptocurrency is destined to change everything, as technology again and again evolves, with the fundamental principle of changing the things we used to know.

Everybody would be asking “what is a cryptocurrency”, but what isn’t a cryptocurrency? It isn’t something that we have been used to of having in our wallets. Or keeping a track of the bank accounts. Credit cards, cash are all the items representing currency. No central bank stands behind any of the cryptocurrencies, nor by governments, giving birth to the fact “cryptocurrencies are decentralized”. They follow certain rules, just the rules exist outside the traditional financial system.

Interesting Facts:

We have sketched some interesting facts about the digital currencies. And they are enlisted below as:
·         Volatile
·         Blockchain
·         Blockchain advantages
·         Miners
·         Banned
·         Limited knowledge
·         Decentralization


One thing everybody would have noticed is that the digital currencies are volatile. That can be seen easily and noticed by anyone who’s following the cryptocurrencies. Since the virtual currency’s trading takes place on the numerous cryptocurrency exchanges     as compared with the central exchange. Which leads to increasing the volatility of the digital currency aka cryptocurrency.


When you meet someone online, how do you make sure, they are who they are writing to you to be? Or buy coffee, labelled with fair trade but what ascertains its origin? To assure, about the questions, you require system where records could be stored. Facts can be verified by anyone, and security guaranteed. So no one could cheat the system by editing records. Such systems are on the horizon & software that powers them is called the Blockchain. Blockchains store information across the network of personal computers. Bitcoin is founded upon the infrastructure of Blockchain. It is a digital and a decentralized ledger recording payment and transactions in the safe. 

Blockchain advantages:

There are various advantages that are associated with Blockchain. Not just the decentralization, as minors work entire 24 hours of each day a week verifying and confirming the transactions. With no middleman involved the costs of transactions would actually decline with the blockchain.
Another merit of Blockchain is the transparency & the control that it significantly offers the users with. Instead of the cryptocurrency be controlled and handled by a third-party, the community members are the ones who think together and find a solution for the future development. Though Blockchain has its very own drawbacks. To begin with, it is still under development or not yet fully developed. Also no guarantees of a quicker transaction with blockchain is guaranteed as far as yet.


Miners play a protagonist, by that I mean, whenever a cryptocurrency transaction is carried out. The transactions require a verification, which is the task upon the shoulders of miners. Mining isn’t the laborious one. All the miners have to do is solve complex computations, using high-powered computers to verify & log the transactions in a competitive way. The first to do the solution is rewarded in the form of cryptocurrency coins.
Demerit: Hardware & Electricity charges will be enormous. But also rewarding in handsome coins.   


To your surprise, cryptocurrencies are banned from access in most of the countries. They might be talked about here and there, but not everywhere. Since they aren’t regulated, decentralized, few of the countries have put up a ban on the cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrency trading, virtual currency payments, buying things in digital currency is regarded as illegal in half dozen countries. The list of cryptocurrency banned countries is expected to grow in numbers.

Limited Knowledge:

Even though cryptocurrency is one of the most talked things globally, people still seem to lack knowledge about it, how it works, what is its use. According to a poll 80% nearly knew about the Bitcoins but only 30-40% knew about the Ethereum. People are still seemingly becoming accustomed to cryptocurrency and learn the digital currency.


Decentralization is one of the major attributes about the cryptocurrency that has been gaining public attention. & also a reason why people are coming towards the digital currency. No central hubs where the information is stored, no data centers, increasing the security.
Blockchain technology is so secure and reliable you can trust it blindfolded.

"All you need to know about SpaceX - Falcon 9”

"All you need to know about SpaceX - Falcon 9”

Since the launch of SpaceX Falcon 9, a rocket program which made the social media buzzing and filled trendings like #aliens #ufo etc across different platforms for what it was to be believed were the aliens or a ufo hovering above us meaning the end of the world.
On the date of 22nd December around 5:27 pm at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California (United States) on Friday, a company named SpaceX launched its rocket program known as SpaceX Falcon 9 which is a partially reusable launch system build type rocket, launched in the skies of California. Let's get to know what it is...

What is SpaceX in-case you didn't know?
Space Exploration Technologies Corp. known as SpaceX is a private American based company known for its businesses in the fields of aerospace technologies.
Founded by an entrepreneur named Elon Musk in the year 2002, the headquarters are based in California (U.S.A), with the scope of various services included like low-cost space travel and the colonization of Mars. A various number of rockets are launched throughout the span of this organization such as Falcon launch vehicle family and the Dragon spacecraft family. Falcon 9 was the latest version of the spacecraft.

About SpaceX Falcon 9:
Let's talk about the launch into the skies at the end of the year 2017.
Falcon 9 is a rocket designed and manufactured by the company SpaceX itself to make sure the reliability and safety transportation for a two-staged built rocket. The rocket was initially built for delivering satellites and spacecraft into orbit.
The basic purpose of this spacecraft was to provide low-cost
outer-space travel to private companies and for future space travels which will include people inhabiting on different planets. With re-flight system introduced for the first time in the world of rockets.

This Rocket is although a reliable source but with its nine first-stage engines it can complete missions even when the engine shutdowns.
History was made in the year 2012 when Falcon 9 delivered Dragon spacecraft into the orbit making SpaceX the first private company to do so. Since then Falcon 9 has made numerous trips to space, delivering satellites to orbit as well as delivering and returning cargo from the space station for  National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA). Falcon 9, along with the Dragon spacecraft, was designed from the beginning to deliver humans into outer-space and under an agreement with NASA, SpaceX is working toward this goal to make it possible and easing the lives of people across the globe. The estimated cost per launch for this craft is about $62M.

Falcon 9 family:
With some of its ancestors launched already and some are yet to come here is the list

Falcon 1:
The Falcon 1 was an expendable launch system privately developed and manufactured by SpaceX during the years 2006–2009.
On 28 September 2008, Falcon 1 became the first privately-developed liquid-fuel launched vehicle to go into space orbit around the Earth.

Falcon 9 v1.0:
The first of its kind, this version of the Falcon 9 generation launch vehicle. Falcon 9 v1.0, was an expendable launch vehicle that was developed in the initial years of the company from 2005–2010 and was launched for the first time in 2010. Falcon 9 v1.0 made a total number of five flights in 2010–2013 later on, it was retired.

Falcon 9 v1.1:
The second version of Falcon 9 spacecraft, first flight launched in September 2013, uses a longer first stage powered engine designed by nine Merlin 1D the engine arrangements for this is an "octagonal" pattern, SpaceX calls it Octaweb. To simplify the streamline of the craft and the manufacturing process this craft was designed.

Falcon 9 Full Thrust:
The third version in the series of Falcon 9 launch vehicle after the launch of the Falcon 9 v1.0 (2010–2013) and the Falcon 9 v1.1 (2013-2016)— has a cryogenic cooling of propellant increasing about 17% higher thrust.

Falcon Heavy:
The latest version of the Falcon series which is expected to be launched in the month of January 2018.
Falcon Heavy is also a reusable but super heavy-lift launch vehicle, designed and developed by SpaceX itself. The Falcon Heavy is a
sub-type of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle and will consist of a strengthened Falcon 9 rocket in the middle and two additional Falcon 9's adjacent to it.

All the Buzzing Across the Globe:
As we uncovered the story about this event when everyone outburst different speculations regarding the launch, it is to be sure that no aliens neither ufos were to be found but a SpaceX rocket program which wrote history.

Understanding the Cryptocurrency

You might have heard the word Cryptocurrency. It might have rung numerous questions in your mind. What is Crypto Currency? How does it Work? What do we do with it? What is the purpose of it? You are not the only one to do so.
Crypto Currency is not a recent thing, it has been active for more than a decade. It is only now that they are taking the mass attention by storm. Bitcoin, Ethereum are all crypto currencies, and not the only ones out there. There are many more, but the aforementioned the most popular.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Here we will be discussing what is the Cryptocurrency? The blog post is dedicated in bringing you the knowledge and acquaintance to cryptocurrency. Between January 2015 and April 2016 the value of one coin cryptocurrency has risen over eleven times more. Now this raises yet another question ie. How did one coin cryptocurrency achieve such a high value. One coin of one cryptocurrency is different to the other cryptocurrencies. One coin cryptocurrency is based on the cryptography (and also guarantees the security of it). Making it difficult to counterfeiting.
One coin is created through a process called Mining. Mining ensures that each and every mined coin is unique. Which is very likely to how every other dollar bill having its unique serial number, called the digital money or electronic cash.
Looking at the wider view, cryptocurrency can be used instead of paper money in the days to come.
One positive of Cryptocurrency is that it makes is much easier and reliable way to transfer the funds worldwide.

Basics to know:

In order to have basic understanding of the cryptocurrency there are a few basics you should acquaint yourself with. They are enlisted below:
  • Transactions
  • Public Ledgers
  • Mining


Transaction can be understood as the transfer of amount of money (funds) from a digital wallet to another. Once transaction is completed, it is submitted to the public ledger. Encrypted electronic signature is used by wallets in order to suffice the owners with a mathematical proof of transaction success. 

Public Ledgers:

Whenever a transaction is confirmed, it is submitted in the public ledgers, where it waits confirmation. Cryptocurrency owner's identity is encrypted as the system works on a cryptographic technique in order to ascertain the legitimacy of the records. 


What is Mining? We have discussed this above. To make it easier for the human mind, mining is the confirmation of transactions. Well mining is done by solving a complex computational problem. Once the transactions are done, they are added into the public ledger. And for that you are required solving the problem we discussed. It is open source, making anybody able enough to confirm transaction. 

Benefits of Cryptocurrency:

Well to consider the hazards and mishaps, economically we are not so secure. Cryptocurrency provides us the desired safety we are looking for. Provides more than that if delve further into it. We are considering the benefits we will be provided with the advent of cryptocurrency as the digital currency. 
  • Counterfeited: As we have already discussed, cryptocurrencies cannot be ounterfeited, and exist digitally. so there are no chances of economic fraud.
  • Encrypted Identity: Comparing cryptocurrency to the credit cards, credit cards work on the principle of 'pull' (store initiate payment, pulling amount from accounts). Whereas, cryptocurrency works on the principle of "push" (empowering the holder of cryptocurrency to send whatever they want, with no excessive information). 
  • Open Source:  Cryptocurrencies are for everyone, anybody can hold onto them, with having a digital wallet. Over 2 billion people have reliable access to the Internet, not owning access to exchange systems. M-PESA system in Kenya announced a bitcoin device, courtesy that 1 in 3 kenyans own themselves their very own bitcoin wallets.
  • You Own Your Account: Consider the case of PayPal, if they found any mishaps linked with your account, or your account fishy, they have the power of freezing your assets on the spot. Cryptocurrency on other hands, you are the owner of your account, your key, your transfers. No one can take that away from you. Which is a massive positive about the cryptocurrency. 


Though Cryptocurrency has its own flaws, but this is something that predicts the economic trades of future. Cryptocurrency is not different from money transfer, but its direct funds transfer from your wallet to the receivers. Which is making it much quicker, reliable since it is encrypted. You don't carry yet you have your currency in your digital wallets.

Top 10 Startups to look for

Top 10 Startups to look for

Long have we heard about the new startup companies getting high recognition and earning loads and loads of revenue. The struggles they face through the initial phase is quite fascinating and not knowing the struggles they'll face in their venture towards success and earn a good reputation in the business world.
Startups play a heavy contribution to keep the business world on their toes and to urge them not to get deluded in failures of big companies.
First, let's talk about what is a startup? 

A startup is an entrepreneurial experiment which takes place when a new product is developed by the entrepreneur to generate profits which he believes that his product can earn due to the demand in an everyday market.
A startup is an initiative taken by the founders of a product which they seem to have some value in the outside world. It is a small business started on a small platform with low funds possible to take over the market with its product.
New startup companies have a chance to fail more than to shine but have a great deal of value as they come up with new products to offer and investors keep an eye on them for future investing.

New startups:
Every now and then there comes a company in which people have high hopes for and their product is the one a list of such companies are:

An independent software vendor (ISV) based in New York and Atlanta they build unified Software as a Service(SaaS) management software. A venture-backed startup, BetterCloud has raised $47 million in total funding. 
Companies like DropBox, office 365, Zendesk and Slack are connected with BetterCloud.

A technology-based company in San Francisco founded in 2013, the service use technologies like big data analytics, engineering, and predictive modeling to help manage the cash flows for small businesses and freelancers with outstanding invoices. A total of $107 million were generated by the year 2015 with fundings from ventures capitalists.

Ginkgo Bioworks:
Ginkgo Bioworks is a biotechnology-based company founded in 2009 by scientists from MIT. The company specializes in using genetic engineering to produce bacteria and new organisms with industrial applications and replace it with technology.

Vlocity, a leading industry cloud customer-management software company, empowers companies to deliver unified, industry-specific customer experiences. 
Company's idea was to build a software that manages relationships in industries with the worst reputations for customer service.

Jive Communications:
Makes a cloud-based system that integrates voice, video and other communications applications. Cloud-based phone services make your business more efficient and easier to manage. Jive replaces existing phone equipment with a cloud hosted PBX, which means your desk and smartphones work together and can be managed from your web browser and a mobile app. The company started in 2006 and, unlike other fast-growing tech firms, largely avoided venture funding. Today Jive employs about 600 people and counts companies like WellSpace Health, Expedia, and Chop't among its customers.

CastBox is a podcast player, audio-books, and radio listener allowing you to download or stream an audio file without any hindrance or obstruction. With an amazing User-Interface, this application is easy to use. Company's Founder Xiaoyu Wang says his goal is to make audio files as easy to find as text files.

A messaging platform for employees within a company to communicate at one place whether they are working from their office or while on the road. With more than 6 million users Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield launched the company in 2013, and it was recently valued at $5 billion. 

The system digitizes paper stock certificates along with stock options, warrants, and derivatives to create certificates for who owns what at a startup when the bank transactions are made. Working with about 6,000 companies the company's next step is to work with initial public dealing companies.

An app that provides a communication median between the teacher and parents with the help of photos or videos. Teacher uploads a photo or video with the student's parents to keep the child's behavioral record. This app keeps the track of the students for the parents as well as the teachers having a brief record of a student. This startup was initiated in 2012 and had over a million users across 30 countries within a year.

The Australian based graphic-design tool based website is one of high revenue generating startups with over million photographs, designs and much more. The companies CEO urges to get all internet users on his platform and believes it isn't bad to dream big.
The platform hit the $1 billion mark this year.

What is a Startup Business - How to Begin your own

What is a Company?

Before we proceed with this article, I would like to ask you a question. What is a company? What is it that you are actually trying to start? Just for sake of this class, I think we ought to use the definition. The company is a business incorporation, with sales, product, services, in exchange for revenue and profit. We are not considering the nonprofits here. 

What is a Startup Business?

Coming to the next question, What is a startup? Startup tells us where the company is, but how is it different? Giving you the Startup definition, putting the words in an array to define startup isn't that easy at the moment. What you are actually doing in a Startup, it is a temporary organization design to search for repeatable and scalable business models. 

Startup tends to bring you company. Yes, that sounds intriguing. If you really think about it at least, if you are a web mobile startup there is no such thing as a ten-year-old startup. There is a two-year-old  startup attached to a ten-year-old failure. We get that Startup is a temporary organization, but what are you supposed to be doing? If you think it might be built into the product or to get customers. Well to surprise you, it doesn’t.  A startup is designed to search a person. Yes, that sounds interesting. What is it that you should be searching for?
Repeatable: You should be searching for something that is repeatable. By repeatable it implies, the thing that works on Monday, works on Wednesday, and works on Friday, and works next week, and the next month. That is what we should look for, the processes that repeatable.
Scalable: By scalable we mean, I put a dollar and I get in return two dollars out. or I put a dollar in and get ten dollars in return. But I better not be losing money on a continual basis or else I am called out of business startup.

Steps to Commence Your Very Own Startup:

Here we will be discussing what major steps that you should be considering to begin your own startup. The key points are enlisted below and discussed and detail ahead.
  • Problem and Solution
  • Start:
  • Systematic Approach:
  • Not Alone:

Problem & Solution:

The first thing is, find yourself a problem and then the solution. Start with the thought “What would the company be known for?”. Be specific in your idea. Once you have a problem in your mind, learn about it more and more. Know that you are not the only trying to solve that problem alone. Find yourself a solution that will find an approach that is new.


My honest advice is to start with whatever’s in your pocket. Be it hundreds or thousands. Don’t waste time waiting to have enough money to suffice you. Find your business a name, get a logo designed. Get a pro’s aid, if you the business requires functionality. If not do it on your own. Get yourself a domain, host it at the Hostsailer. As it goes live, set yourself a workstation with a reliable high-speed internet connection.

Systematic Approach:

Once you have begun your own business, you need to follow your next steps in a strategized manner. So that you can personally deal and tackle the processes in an organized manner. Develop a habit for yourself to follow these habits, personally, I can recommend B.J. Fogg's Tiny Habits strategy.

Not Alone:

My advice for you is to never run your startup business on your own, all alone. Being alone will put you out from the race easily. Therefore, be in the company professional minds. So that they may share their knowledge with you, enabling you to build your online brand or business. 

Final Verdict:

Getting started with your own startup is not a thing for everyone. Not everybody even stays alive in the startup race for much longer. But to begin your own startup, I would prefer you carry yourself an inspiration, that may keep your grasp on the business even if you are not doing that good as you expected. No work provides you extra money in an easier way. Every work requires your heart in it. If you are really willing and wanting to do the startup, then do the honors for sure!